Last Updated: October 5, 2017

Concrete Services Offered

Michigan Concrete Sawing and Drilling is Michigan’s premier concrete sawing and drilling contractor. Michigan Concrete has provided services to industry and contractors since 1981. Michigan Concrete has been successful because they have always focused on meeting the needs of their customers.

Michigan Concrete has also made consistent efforts to stay ahead of their industry by using the latest technology available in the sawing and drilling industry. Recent technological improvements include:

  • Availability of Ground Penetrating Radar to locate conduit, water and sewer lines and reinforcing. This amazing technology is extremely accurate and is available on short notice to any customer requesting the service or expressing any concern about the location of hidden utilities.
  • Michigan Concrete has the ability to saw, remove and even excavate the sub grade using 100% electric tools. The use of electric tools eliminates carbon monoxide fumes, reduces noise associated with gas and diesel engines. It is safer for our own employees and much less disruptive to ongoing operations where we are working.
  • Michigan Concrete has constructed their own horizontal curb saws, allowing them to quickly remove the top portion of concrete curbs for new drive approaches. In the past this work was much more labor intensive. We can now cut new residential approaches in an hour.
  • Whether your job requires concrete removal, core drilling in a manhole where we provide the boot or electric excavation we can provide the services you need on short notice


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